_Multifunctional folding stand equips with turning hooks.
_You can use this stand with all kind of bicycles as a stand or a professional high pressure pump.
_This stand goes up to 16 bar with new brass joint for every kinde of valves: (presta, sclaverand, schrader).
_We suggest this stand for an easy maintenance because it's very stable and easy to transport thanks to folding support and turning hooks.
_His stand has a 2.5 class manometer 63 diameter large for the best precision and the manometer is 720mm tall for the best user.
_Rubber tube for the high pressure in extra-long measure allow you to use the pump also with front wheels.


Height (cm): 78
Base (cm): 19x13
Packaging (cm): 20x14x78
Weight (Kg): 3,42